Hi there, my name is Wouter Hof - I am a Visual Designer based in The Netherlands. I strongly believe that beauty derives from function and clear communication. The best solutions I found in design seem to derive from a child-like view on problems.

Study and Career

In the skills I've picked up along the way, there is one clearly standing out: thinking. During my studies, I've learned to work beyond any medium or format. Every client has their story, my role as a designer is to find the best suitable visual translation. This could be a website with animations, screen printed illustrations or even spatial installations. Anything. Fellow students and colleagues would describe my approach to design as typographic, analytical and versatile.

During the last year of my studies, I wrote my thesis about the meaning and function of aesthetics in packaging design. Proudly, I finished with a 9/10.

Senior General Secondary Education
Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap
Crossmedia Design (BA)
AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts
DotControl Creative Data-Driven Agency

Get in touch!

Are you interested? Don't hesitate to reach out. I am always happy to hear about fascinations and occupations of other creatives.